Peerless Engineering has been providing motion control solutions to our Western Canadian industrial and mobile customers since 1947. Our innovative motion control and automation solutions are brought to life through fully understanding your system requirements, creative ingenuity, and technical expertise. With a team of dedicated engineers, we take on complex challenges every day and deliver reliable vacuum pump parts, and efficient systems that meet the needs of our customers.

However, some systems may be installed in hospitals and laboratories which typically have two or three pumps with a galvanized storage receiver. These vacuum pump are usually oil-lubricated vane types as opposed to those that use an external source such as claws/bells (which would require more maintenance). Oilless compressed air machines can also be found here since there's a risk of contamination from any oils being introduced during operation - especially if they're centralized!

Peerless Engineering provides the highest quality of service for all products and systems it distributes or manufactures. It offers start-up assistance as well, so you can rely on our team when your equipment needs repairs in-shop!


4015 East First Avenue, Burnaby, BC V5C 3W5

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